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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bluecoins- Finance & Budget v5.0.3 [Premium] [Latest]

Bluecoins- Finance & Budget v5.0.3 [Premium] [Latest]

Bluecoins- Finance And Budget
Bluecoins is an incredibly fast and powerful app for tracking and planning where your money goes, allowing you to easily plan a budget, never forget a bill, and spend money with confidence! With tablet support, Dropbox or Google Drive and even multi-currency support, you can have instant access to your personal finance information on any device, anytime, any where!
1. Transaction recording made easy
• Create income, expense and transfers transactions by just inputting the value and category – it’s that simple
• Blazing fast transaction recording with automatic transaction repeat
• Built-in calculator
• Attach photos and receipts to any transaction
  1. Budget plannin
    • Quickly set up accounts and income/expenses categories
    • Easily set budget for income/expense for a given day, week, month or year
    • Budget tool shows remaining or over spending of budget, in relation to given time period
    • Account projection shows where your accounts can be in the future by sticking to your budget
  2. Bill reminders
    • Bill reminders make sure you never miss a bill again
    • Reminders can automatically convert to a transaction with just one click!
    • Reminders can be single instance or repeat for any time interval- once you’ve set it up, its worry free.
    • Push notifications to make sure you’re reminded
  3. Personal finance control
    • Track your assets, liabilities and net worth
    • Compare current account balances and net worth to any point in time
    • See your account balances graphed over time
    • Track your income and expenses with categories and budget targets
    • Understand how much you spend and earn for any date range and frequency
    • Project your future account balances and net worth
  4. Secure your data
    • Backup and restore data from your phone
    • Automatically set to backup data daily
    • Online backup and restoration of data via with Quick Sync!
    • Easily restore data across your devices
    • Fingerprint support on compatible devices
What’s New

advance filter UI improvement
stability & performance improvements
fixed- deleting accounts on the accounts list does not reflect immediately
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